Pool hoist, wet rooms, adapted airport transfers and equipment rental, is all possible here at C&A Hotel Apartments located in Polis Cyprus. Chris, one of the owners, is a family member of C&A Hotel Apartments and is a wheelchair user himself (and has been for over 27 years), designed the complex for the wheelchair user, their family or caregiver, as well as for the able bodied visitors. This has enabled Chris to make this apartment complex a 'little oasis' for those hoping for a relaxed holiday in a family run environment, which is completely accessible throughout. Air-con and central heating are also available. All 19 units which include studios, one or two bedroom apartments as well as a three bedroom apartment have level access roll in shower rooms, and drop down rails on either side of toilet. There is an outdoor pool which has a pool hoist. The sun terrace around the poolside has raised sunbeds. Airport transfers and excursions are available in our on-site accessible vehicles. All our vehicles are fitted with RICON tail lift and safety clamps. Take the beach walkway to Latchi and use the SEATRAC (weather permitting) for access into the sea. The Seatrac is normally in use during the months of June, July and August
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Due to the close proximity of our neighbours, and the small and intimate complex here at C&A, we regrettably are unable to offer guests accommodation with learning disabilities or other medical condition that may cause them to shriek, scream, shout or have involuntary disruptive behaviour.
This decision has not been taken lightly by our family, but it is unfortunately determined by those around us, and it saddens us that we have to decline bookings from families who’s loved ones have such a disability



The New beach wheelchair in use in October
swimming pool hoist
scooter and power wheelchair on beach walkway to latchi

Equipment, excursions can also be hired on-site.
Visit www.paraquip.com.cy


By Estelle du Toit

 The soft light of evening, the smell of meat roasting, glasses being clinked around a blue pool, while look-alike family members chat the night away at big tables – isn’t this the essence of a summer holiday? The only thing that sets apart the guests at a small resort complex in the heart of Polis Chrysochous is… that most of them are disabled.

One of the owners, Chris Neophytou, himself a wheelchair user, created a custom-built space for people with disabilities to enjoy themselves, either together with their families or with carers,  Nothing like this existed on the island. His entrepreneurship won a business award from the Cyprus Confederation of Organisations of the Disabled (KYSOA) last year.

The luxury 19-apartment resort, C & A Apartments, is in the middle of a booming seaside town on the west coast of Cyprus, beautifully situated among huge orchards, with unsurpassed views to the hilly Akamas nature area on the one side of the bay, and the foothills of the Troodos mountains and its forest areas on the other side. Good roads connect it to Paphos, the nearest coastal city, a place rich in archaeological interest.

The resort offers a full service, from picking up guests in specially equipped minibuses at the airport, to taking them swimming, wine tasting, shopping and even para-sailing in the Mediterranean. Places visited on day trips are hand-picked to ensure wheelchair accessibility. The necessary equipment is in place to guarantee each guest’s safety and comfort, as Chris’s second company, Paraquip, rents out everything a person with disability would need.

 In an effort to extend his facilities to the surrounding areas, Chris campaigned successfully for special facilities in the municipalities of Polis and adjoining Latchi to make life easier for his guests. Paved paths for wheelchairs were introduced to make ‘strolling’ along the beachfront to the picturesque harbour of Latchi possible. The closest beach, a 10-minute drive away, boasts a special ramp to enable wheelchairs to go right into the water, and some restaurant owners in Polis agreed to adjust their table heights for the comfort of wheelchair diners. 

Chris first converted an existing apartment block by widening doors, building ramps and installing lifts, then he expanded it to a new purpose built complex of specially fitted studios and flats. All bathrooms in the resort have level access roll-in showers with wall-mounted shower seats and rails. The flats front on to a wide, blue pool with a bar and secluded outdoor dining area – naturally, with accommodating touches such as raised sun beds for wheelchair occupants and a hoist for getting into the pool.

Although every flat is self-catering, most people prefer Chris’s mother’s and sisters’ Cypriot cooking, beautifully presented and freshly prepared from local Polis vegetables, herbs and other country products. Chris’s father makes a refreshing lemonade from the thousands of citrus trees in the area, and his mother’s cold rice pudding (ρυζόγαλο) sets itself apart by its subtle touches of orange peel.

The charm of the place lies in its country feeling and down-to-earth friendliness, which must be why repeat visits are prevalent. Word of mouth remains one of the best marketing tools, along with Chris’s website and his contact with associations for people with disabilities all over Europe. ‘Happy snappies’ travel and are good ambassadors for Aphrodite’s island, where people with disabilities are given a chance to enjoy a vacation in the sun. Hats off to a niche-market entrepreneur with a big heart and to his supportive family.

Visit www.ca-hotel-apts.com or phone 99 647 669 for rates, bookings and more information.

scooters, power wheelchairs, hoists, commodes, bed levers, wheelchair accessible taxi's, rollator etc

other articles written by guests that have visited us (please note that since some of the articles have been written , the swimming off the boat trip into the Mediterranean sea has unfortunately been stopped due to health and safety factors)



Pay here. Visit JCC website-online secure payment

To secure your booking, a 40% deposit (NON-REFUNDABLE) is required.

The remaining 60% balance  (also NON-REFUNDABLE)   must be paid 8 weeks prior to your arrival in Cyprus.


COMPLIMENTS TO: Ms Eleni Kaloyirou (CEO of Hermes Airports) and Ms Sophie Christofidou (Terminal Manager Customer Care at Hermes Airports) and ALL THE TEAMS INVOLVED...

 I hope this email finds you well. My name is Nitsa Roussot and I would like to take this opportunity to let you know about my personal experience of travelling in a wheelchair.

Unfortunately,  I have major problems with my feet and walking a few steps is fine but I need the wheelchair to allow me independence to move around.

My family and I have been running a hotel  in Polis Chrysochous for the last 23 years and we cater for physically challenged guests (as well as able bodied guests). For many years, our guests from various destinations have always had the HIGHEST PRAISE for the wheelchair assistance they receive in Paphos and Larnaca - they have even mentioned that these departments in other countries could really learn a lot from their Cypriot counterparts. As I had never personally been a wheelchair user to travel, I could never have judged until I was in able to experiance all this first hand.

I travelled from Larnaca Airport to Dubai and onwards to South Africa. I would not like to mention the airline but I am sure you will figure it out. I received the best, kindest and caring service in Larnaca - so you can imagine my absolute horror and disgust when we landed in Dubai and we were ushered into a "room of disabled travellers" that were closed off from all other areas of the airport. The people who handled me and my carer were so unfriendly and they treated us like we were a burden that they couldn't wait to get us off their hands!!

South Africa was a bit better but I still had the excellent service in Cyprus to compare to and THERE IS NO COMPARISON!!

I would like to say a very big thank you to all of you, in particular Ms Sophie Christofidou - she validates what true customer service is and all members of your team are an absolute credit to you and your company.

 You should all be very proud of your service to people who are also members of society and you all make the supreme effort to maitain this ethos.  

Once again, I can only say Congratulations on a brilliant service and I know you will always be the BEST in your field!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I would really appreciate it if we could have it printed in the Cyprus Mail or any other publications. 

Yours sincerely

Nitsa Roussot



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